Save some $$

Here are a few ways my family and I save money,
it requires thinking outside the box! Please ad comments or email me of
ways you're saving money in a creative way!

  • We canceled our Sirius Satellite Radio; instead we use the radio, or our iPods and we listen to Pandora when we're at home or on the computer! Pandora is completely free and creates a "radio station" according to your likes! Give it a try, also has an app. for iPhones!

  • We're on the mailing lists of all our favorite restaurants or food chains, we get coupons and freebies in the mail or through email!

  • We check on restraunts.com for amazing coupons and deals!

  • We shop at Smart and Final instead of Costco, we don't need a membership and we can still get food in bulk at a great price!

  • We cancelled our Sparklets subscription and take our 5 gallon water jug to the water coolers outside Stater Bros. It's only $1.25, so instead of $20 - $30 a month for water, we pay $5!

  • We use cash only for gas, groceries and personal money. That way we keep ourselves in a tangible budget that's easy to track!

  • How do you and your family save money???


Tiffany said...

1. We cancelled our satellie TV a few years back. That saved a fortune!

2. I'm a stickler for leaving the lights on - or off in my case! The kids have to pay me a quarter for every light I find left on by them!

3. My husband lives very close to work and usually drives his golf cart instead of the truck. Even driving the truck it takes him a month or more to use a tank of gas, usually

4. I am a coupon/deal shopper! I'm addicted to CVSing - which has saved us tons of money!

5. I usually only buy clothes if they are on clearance - sometimes a sale rack. The kids know not to even bother looking at the racks up front!

That's all I can think of for now. I really need to start the "cash" method for gas, groceries, etc.

Danelle said...

"Rent" movies from the library for free...usually a library card is free. Fortunately, Our library has very recent releases.

Andie Anderson said...

Those are awesome tips Tiffany, I'm a stickler for lights too, drives me crazy the few times they get left on when we leave somewhere. CVS is my favorite too....you really can save tons of money if you do some planning! Thanks for the tips! :)

Andie Anderson said...

Danelle - I "rent" movies from the Library all the time...love it!! I esp. like the kid section, they have great educational ones but also some old cartoon favs from my childhood!
It's nice that your library has new releases. For new movies we either check the library or do the Free Redbox on Monday's!

Thanks for the tip Danelle! :)

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