Eco-Friendly Ant Reminder

So summer's here and so are the ants. A friend of mine FB me and asked if I knew of some natural remedies to get rid of first thought was Vinegar. But I did my research just to make sure and low and behold I was right!

Ants navigate with their antennae by using chemical trails.
When you spray vinegar on the area, it removes the chemical trail.

Here are some great ways to get rid of them.
  • Spray white vinegar any place you've seen ants

  • Sprinkle Cinnamon at the site of the ant invasion.

  • Leave Bay Leaves on your counters and preferably along the trail where they are coming in.

  • Draw a line outside with white chalk at the place they're coming in they won't cross it.

  • Mix sunlight liquid dish soap one to one with vinegar and pour on ant hill. The ants die and remainder move. Keep pouring on ant hills soon ants are gone.


Lindsay said...

Another one that has worked for me is baby powder. They don't seem particularly fond of it either.

Andie Anderson said...

Oh cool, good to know! Thanks Lindsay :)

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