Household Tips

Here are a few easy tips that can help
keep your house a little bit cleaner:

Start every morning with an empty Dishwasher! This way as soon as dishes get dirty during the the day, they go straight to the dishwasher. My habit now is to run and empty the dishwasher every other night.

Get a divided dirty clothes hamper (check craigslist or garage sales first, before you buy new). Print out labels onto cardstock or write on an index card and label each section: darks, lights, whites, etc. 1 less step when you have to do your laundry...and yes even a three year old can learn where their clothes go!

Organize your house cleaning into days. Every Monday is vacuuming and dusting. Every Tuesday is bathrooms and floors...etc. Print out your schedule and post it on the fridge!

Give the kids and hubby specific jobs to do on specific days. For the kids you can create a chores list (dtlk-kids or chores tracker) with pictures to help them!

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