Hi Friends, I'm Andie and Welcome to my Frugal Blog.  This is a spin off from my main blog: Raising {Happy} Healthy Kids; it's become a place for me to express the frugal - all natural - almost Amish - woman that lives in me!  I've always loved being frugal, and saving money is oddly exciting to me.

Our family is, like many of you, working ourselves out of debt; therefore being frugal is no longer an option. I've been on a mission for the last few years to make frugality interesting and attainable - especially with kids (we have three so far) and one income.

I believe that we're all learning life together, so please pass along any recipes, tips or frugal finds, I truly love them all. Also, feel free to leave comments or e-mail me, I'm most definitely here for you!

FYI: This site is no longer active, but by all means, please use it as a resource for coupon sites, recipes and Frugal Living Ideas.  Currently I'm blogging HERE, so please stop by and pay me a visit!


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