Tidy-Up Tuesday: cleaning supplies

I realize I'm posting Tidy-up-Tuesdays Tip on Wednesday...sorry my Tuesday came and went faster than I could blink.

If you're anything like me, having a clean house is so important but with two small kids, hubby, part time job, cooking, and running errands, I fall behind quite often. So I'm realizing I can't always curb the chaos, instead I need to be creative within my chaos.

Here's a way I'm being creative when it comes to cleaning my bathrooms:

I was at Big Lots this week and they had large spray bottles for $1 each :) So I stocked up! I filled them with my everyday vinegar solution and my window/glass cleaner. Then I put two spray bottles in each bathroom along with a roll of paper towels under the sink; when I have 2 sec. to spare, I spray down my counters, toilets and floor, and wipe my mirror clean!

Since my supplies are right at hand, it takes me literally 2 min. to do everything and then my bathroom is shiny again! When the kids are taking baths, I use that time to clean their bathroom, since I'm in there with them anyways!

I used my Dymo Label maker so the bottles look purdy. :)

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