Cleaning supply Reciepes

In my previous post I mentioned my everyday-vinegar solution and my window cleaner and since some of you may be new to my blog I wanted to post the recipes again!

Everyday Vinegar Solution:
Half vinegar
Half water

Window/Glass Cleaner:
1 cup strong black tea
3 TBS Vinegar
(use this as your ratio, so if you use 3 cups of tea, you'd add 9 TBS of Vinegar.)

If the smell of vinegar bothers you, you may squeeze some lemon juice in your bottle and it will dilute the smell. Or if you happen to have any Essential oils, you may add a few drops of that as well.

Since I've been cleaning with vinegar I've grow to actually like the smell; it's completely gone within a few min.

Email me or leave a comment with any questions!

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