No Spending...Can you do it?!....continued

I received an e-mail today from a friend about the NO SPENDING Challenge and she made a good point. Here's some of her e-mail:

...If I stay home for 2 days and don't spend, what about my husband who goes out and buys something.....

That's a really good point, I'm still mulling it over. I would like to think in a perfect world that I could pack my husband a lunch for work and then afterwards, he comes straight home to eat dinner here.....ya right.

So my thoughts are possibly a Saturday of no spending? Might be hard, but especially now with summer here there's a lot to do; each city has free things to offer if you know where to look. Free movies in the park, beach days, events at the Library, Community Center or City Hall, etc. I guess it will require some creativity.

So maybe a modification for some would be NO spending for two Saturdays (or Sundays) a month?! It requires us to think about what we really need and prioritize our lives.

For myself, I have to cut back on little runs to Starbucks or the drive thru. I wanted a tea today on my way home from the park and I knew I had tea at home, so I made myself go home. It wasn't really that hard, but it saved me a small amount of $.

Just remember every dollar is a seed, where are we going to invest or plant it?

Keep your comments and questions coming, this is good.

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Caryn & Ryan said...

This IS an interesting topic. I am going to try it ... it will be very hard to do on a work day for my hubby so we will give it a go on a day off. We'll go 1 day a week and see how it goes. I know his days off are days we "do" errands and such but maybe staying home one day or doing a "free" activity with the kids, like the Y pool or something will keep us from eating out, getting a coffee, or snack, etc. I'll let you know how it goes - we'll try it Friday!

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