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Well I know for many of us Spring/Summer can bring up a lot of congestion due to allergies. So
let's go to your spice rack to make a very natural remedy to help with congestion brought on by allergies or colds or flu.

We're going to make some tea using the spice Anise!

Steep 1 tsp of anise seeds in a 1 cup of hot water, after about 3 minutes, strain and enjoy!

Anise seed tea can also help with an upset stomach due to gas; and chewing the seeds can also hep bad breath.

A little History on the Seed:

Anise is in the parsley family, It is related to caraway, dill, cumin, and fennel, which is why Anise smell and taste like licorice. It is cultivated for its seedlike fruits as well as the oil obtained from them.

These seeds and oil can be used to flavor foods, teas liqueurs, and candies. Anise originates in the Middle East and has been used as a medicine since prehistoric times. Ancient Romans used Anise to aid digestion and ward off epileptic attacks.

For more in
fo on this powerful herb, go here. Buying cold/flu or Allergy medicine can be costly to our wallets, it's better if we can find remedies with things in our own home! Not only is it better for our wallets, but our bodies will enjoy the natural aids as well!

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