Cool Summer Snacks

Since the Summer is just about here I'm reminded of a summer snack that is healthy and cheap for me and the kids!

I buy small individual yogurt cups (gogurts are fine too), take the lids off and put a Popsicle stick in center and freeze them for about an hour. When frozen remove them from the cup and you have a frozen healthy treat that's perfect to cool you down!

If freezing gogurts, I don't freeze them completely, about 30 min. or so. They are then really cold and partly icy; cut the tops off and enjoy o
r squeeze into a bowl and eat it the way you would ice cream!

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I also came across this easy and fun snack from Kraft,
Nilla Yogurt Freeze!

2 Reduced Fat NILLA Wafers
2 Tbsp. thawed COOL WHIP LITE Whipped Topping
2 Tbsp. strawberry low-fat yogurt

PLACE 1 of the wafers on bottom of one paper-lined medium muffin cup; top with combined whipped topping and yogurt.

COVER with remaining wafer.

FREEZE 1 hour or until firm.

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