Reuse and Stock up - Easter 2010

Many stores right now are trying to get rid of their Easter products, so I'm going to head over to CVS and Target and see what I can get for next year!

Don't forget:
  • Chocolates can be frozen and used in cookies, cakes, breads, etc. I actually don't have a need to buy chocolate chips because I always have chocolate frozen from Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter.

  • Baskets can be reused for basket gifts, holding nick-nacs, organizing, etc.

  • Plastic Easter eggs can be saved for next year, recycled, refilled with candy or treats and used as party favors for your 2 year olds birthday. I've heard of some people carrying their iPod headphones in a plastic egg - toss them in your gym bag for safe keeping.

  • Peeps can be used in Smore's, rice crispy treats, fondue.
    Check out Peeps Research for more tips!

  • Look for great recipes to use up eggs, chocolate or peeps, here are a few I found:
    Chocolate muffins
    Easter Candy Cake
    Cooking with Peeps


Maria said...

Thanks for the tips. I never thought of using holiday candy this way.

Anonymous said...

I love stocking up on after holiday sales. I try and freeze it but the little piggies that I live with eat it before I can bake with. But it is still better than paying full price.
Great blog!

Kim said...

I just discovered your blog, and am very excited to get help being frugal. I new about making smores, but laughed so hard when I followed your link and saw the peeps on the grill. :)

Andie Anderson said...

Lol, yes Peeps on the grill, who knew??? I'm glad you've found me, welcome! I hope you find some wonderful inspirations!

Please email or leave me comments on any great frugal finds!!! I love them dearly!
Andie :)

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