Frugal tips for your home!

Here are some Helpful Household Tips.

Remember being frugal is a way of thinking
that can change your way of living!

Cheap Chip Clips:
Those special clips used to keep food bags closed and fresh aren't really necessary. Instead, keep a jar or bag of clothespins on hand and they do just as great a job!

Hillbilly Ice Chest: Having a party and need a big tub of ice for drinks? Fill your washing machine with ice, then stack cans and bottles inside. Since washing machines are deep, you can layer ice and cans if needed. After the party remove any drinks left over, let ice melt and then turn on the drain cycle. This Hillbilly Ice Cooler provides lots of room, easy cleanup, and lots of comments, lol. (courtesy of

Remember Coupons: I seem to forget which coupons I have when I go shopping, so I've started writing my list on the back of an envelope. I write the Letter "C" next to the items that I have a coupon for. Then I place all the coupons that I'll be using inside the envelope - so easy; then when I'm shopping, I have my list and coupons in one easy tote!

Plants & Coffee Filters: Jeremiah and I were planting seeds today and a great idea to keep the soil from draining out of the hole when you water is to use a coffee filter. Before filling a plant container with soil, first lay a coffee filter on the bottom inside of the pot and then add the soil on top. If it's a planter for the outside, you may also lay a small layer of pebbles then the soil, this can also help ventilate the pot!

Baby Powder & Rubber Gloves: I don't clean much with gloves anymore, but I when I do I dust my hands lightly with baby powder before putting on rubber gloves (flour works well too). This helps remove the gloves easily!

Baby Powder & Beach Sand: When you leave the beach and you or your kids are sandy, the best way to get the sand off is by dusting your arms or legs with baby powder then wiping with a dry towel, the sand (be it wet or dry) comes right off. When the inevitable sand gets in their eyes, I dust a thin layer of baby powder on a dry towel and wipe their face (eyes closed of course)!

Laundry Bag & Sand Toys: Since CA is full of sunny days, we're at the park A LOT! Sand toys are a favorite must-have for our family. The best way I've found to tote them around is with a laundry bag (The 99 Cent Store has them), fill it up with the toys, when you leave give the bag a shake!

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