Tidy-Up Tuesday: freezing method

Yesterday I went to Albertson's and they had ground beef on sale $2.79 each so I grabbed three! Now I obviously need to freeze this meet but I wouldn't want to freeze it as is because it's not very accessible.

So instead I unwrapped each "log" and divided them into thirds.
Took each third, flattened it and covered with saran wrap. Now I have a family serving size available
when I want to make burgers, sloppy joes, etc.

This method can work for bacon, chicken, fish.
I also use this freezing method with cookie dough and bananas (cut into slices, freeze on a baking sheet, then dump into a bag - perfect for smoothies!)


Lindsay said...

I use our freezer almost like a second pantry. I do the same thing you do with portioning food out and freezing it. For me, freezer space is a necessity in saving money.

Andie Anderson said...

I completely agree!! I'm looking at buying a full size freezer for our garage because I'm overflowing!

Lindsay said...

I bought a chest freezer last year and it was the best investment I could have made. Some people have said they were able to find freezers on Craigslist and Freecycle. So that may be a good place to check out too.

Andie Anderson said...

Good call, I was planning on looking on Craigslist, but I'll try freecycle too - thanks Lindsay!

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