Make-It-From-Scratch-Mondays: Strawberry Jam

Strawberries are on sale right now so STOCK UP!!!!

The best thing to do with them is make Strawberry Jam, and no it's not that hard. I buy Pectin freezer jam, you can find it on the baking isle. There are many brands out there and I've found the Freezer Jam Pectin to be the best -
So easy!

First you wash and cut your strawberries. Then you cut them up, I use my food chopper and just place the strawberries in the bowl and chop away! I like to have a few chunks in my jam so mash them up to your desired consistency!

Squeeze some lemon on the strawberries and add your sugar.
(Exact directions are in the box of Pecitn).

Boil Pectin and water for 3 minutes.

Add dissolved pectin to mashed strawberries and stir.

Spoon into Jelly Jars. Refrigerate for up to 3 weeks or
eeze your Jam up to a year!

I'm going to the store to buy more strawberries, they make the best presents for birthdays, get well gifts, thank you presents, ect. and since they can stay frozen up to a year I may have some Christmas gifts already taken care of....that is if I have any left, homemade jam is amazing!!!

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