Cloth Diapers

So cloth diapers huh? Who uses those any more? Aren't they those messy cloths that you have to safety pin and then cover with a gross plastic bag?

Well you'd be surprised to find out that more and more moms are switching to cloth diapers. And as out dated as many of you may think they are, you'd be surpised how far things have come.

Sure it might be a little messy and yes, you have to wash them out by hand, but it's another great way to save money, plus it's better for the environment.

I bought my Diaper Wraps from where I spent $37 for 3 wraps, and my mom bought me some cloth diapers from Wal-Mart (yea mom!). So I haven't needed any disposable diapers in 3 months which means I'm now saving money!!

Here's some websites to check out:
Diaperaps, Soft Cloth Bunz, Wild Flower Diapers

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