What to expect from this blog

Like I said this blog is just starting, but here are some things to look forward to....

Make it from scratch Mondays:
At the first of the week I'll be posting recipes for things to make from scratch. This could be anything from homemade cinnamon raisin bread to all natural floor cleaner, it's gonna be good!

Tidy up Tips:
Tidy-up tips will be added along the side of the blog to help us all maintain order in our home, cars and lives.

Super Quote Wednesdays:
Quotes have a way of getting us to think differently about things or to remind us of what's important. I look forward to sharing the many quotes and verses that inspire me in low (and high) times.

Travel Tips:
Traveling is something we all must do here and there. But how can you travel on a budget while keeping a peace of mind in the process? I'll share with you some tips to making traveling (with or without kids) frugal and fun.

Doing Date-night Right:
Before 2am feedings, train tracks on the floor and sippy cups in the car, there was a special someone you fell in love with. It's hard to find not only time, but money to get away with that person, I plan to help us think outside the box and be creative with datenights so we're not bored nor broke at the end of the night!

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